Best Defense For Your HOME, SCHOOL, BUSINESS and FAMILY.

A single dose effervescent tablet, which dissolves quickly and provides a consistently accurate strength hand and surface sanitizer every time, eliminating concentration errors in mixing, making the product safe and easy to use.

When dissolved in water, the active ingredient in the COVIGO tablet produces free available chlorine in the form of Hypochlorus Acid, which has been shown to be 80 to 100 times more effective against viruses than chlorine bleach, and it is completely natural and safe.

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Safe & Effective


Provides the strongest and most potent form of free available chlorine, Hypochlorous Acid in a stable solution that can be stored for 10 to 30 days in a sealed container, once diluted.

Mix as you need it.

Cost Effective @ just R4 / litre

Easy to transport and store.

12 months shelf life before dilution.


Hypochlorous Acid does not carry the same corrosive elements as bleach making it less harmful and more surface friendly. 

No direct exposure to harmful noxious gases or odours associated with liquid concentrate products

Reduced wastage with tablet form as compared to liquid concentrates

CoviGo is bio-degradable and non-toxic.


Comes in an easy to use, ready for dilution, effervescent tablet which produces 12.5 litres of Sanitizer

3 Simple Steps:-

1.  Open the package and take one 6 gram tablet and place in to 12.5 litres of room temperature water.

2.  Allow to dissolve for 10 minutes

3. Stir or shake the container once.